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 The Mission of INTECH College is to provide injured and/or displaced workers, and the public with marketable entry-level skills which will enable them to secure employment, and re-enter the workforce as a productive person in today’s society, thereby gaining employment, social acceptance and economic independence. Our quality educational programs combine knowledge with professional know-how that inspires, challenges and empowers our students to attain their professional goals and life long ambitions.



 INTECH College in order to continually maintain our School’s mission, a set of viable objectives were implemented.  These objectives are articulated to the student, school visitors as well as government agencies in order to ensure consistency and quality of our education and job placement services, as well as protection to the students from fraud or deception. The objectives of our programs is to prepare our students with the skills and knowledge required to successfully meet the job requirements of the market place.


INTECH College was founded to provide a unique platform to mature motivated and enthusiastic adults who desire to pursue a career after getting injured in their previous jobs and/or to the general public. Unfortunately, the traditional educational institutions cannot fulfill the needs and demands of these enthusiastic adults due to factors like fixed academic calendars, high cost and tight schedule that does not coincide with their needs. Certificate programs of INTECH College are designed in accordance with the following objectives:

 1. Equip students with academic and professional education related to their careers chose.

2. Integrate continuously changing issues and trends emerging in each area of study.

3. Lay relevant foundation for each course.

4. Provide adequate opportunities to students to apply their theoretical / practical   knowledge to real life settings

5. Deliver course content using the most appropriate teaching learning strategies and technology available.

6. Upgrade and adopt the program on an ongoing basis

10. Foster commitment to a lifelong learning and provide resources accordingly 


Admissions Requirements for All of the

Training Programs


“A student shall enroll solely by means of executing and enrollment agreement. The Enrollment agreement shall be signed by the student and by an authorized employee of the institution.” § 94902

The programs offered by the INTECH Collegeare for men and women who poses a strong motivation to learn and a desire to become skilled in the fields of Computer Technology, Digital Imaging Photography and/or Auto Mechanics / and Engine Performance.

  1. You must be 18 years of age or older.
  2. Applicants must possess a high school diploma, a GED, and/or passing of ATB exam (ASSET) approved by US Department of Education.


  • Writing Skills / Number of Items 36/ Passing Score 20 - 80%
  • Reading Skills/ Number of Items 24 / Passing Score 20 - 80%
  • Numerical Skills / Number of Items 32 / Passing Score 20 – 80%


Applicants whose English is not their native language and do not have a high school diploma and or GED must take the Combined English Language Skills Assessment (CELSA) ability to Benefit Test

Applicants whose English is not their native language must attain a qualifying score of 97 to get enrolled in any of our programs. If the student does not attain a qualifying score, the student may take the No. 2 CELSA test. If the student does not attain a qualifying score on the second test, the student may re-test after 15 days and must attain a qualifying score of 97.

 The test is administered by an independent third party administrator and the cost of the test is paid by the student and/or third party. Testing is arrange by appointment and is handled as a separated appointment from the initial enrollment interview. Students are notified of their test scores via telephone.


  1. Students must receive a passing score to get enrolled in any of our training programs.


Procedure for Enrollment 

 The School’s vocational programs and services are explained.  The prospective student’s vocational goals and educational needs are discussed. 

  1. A tour of the facility and classrooms is provided.  Teaching methods are explained, and the equipment briefly demonstrated.
  2. The prospective student is provided with a School Catalog
  3. Each prospective student will receive a copy of the School Performance Fact Sheet (SPFS)for the program(s) of instruction they are interested in taking. As part of the enrollment process the student must sign on the enrollment agreementthat they have received a copy of the (SPFS) prior to signing the enrollment agreement. INTECH College annually reports to the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, as part of the annual report, and publish in our (SPFS), the completion rate for each program. The completion rate shall be calculated by dividing the number of graduates by the number of students available for graduation. §94929


INTECH College annually reports to the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, as part of the annual report, and shall publish in our (SPFS), all of the following:


(a) The job placement rate, calculated by dividing the number of graduates employed in the field by the number of graduates available for employment for each program that is either

(1) Designed, or advertised, to lead to a particular career, or

(2) Advertised or promoted with any claim regarding job placement

(b) he license examination passage rates for the immediately preceding two years for

programs leading to employment for which passage of a state licensing examination

is required, calculated by dividing the number of graduates who pass the examination by the number of graduates who take the licensing examination the first time that the examination is available after completion of the educational program.

The institution shall use state agency licensing data to calculate license examination passage rates. If those data are unavailable, the institution shall calculate the license examination passage rate in a manner consistent with regulations adopted by the bureau

(c) Salary and wage information, consisting of the total number of graduates

employed in the field and the annual wages or salaries of those graduates stated in increments of five thousand dollars ($5,000) §94929.5


  1. Prospective students are encourage to visit the classes for 1 to 2 days before signing the contract agreement.
  2. The Admissions Representative will go through the catalog with the prospective student, and will explain the Cancellation policy, refund policy, withdrawal policy, STRF protection, attendance policy including tardiness, probation and dismissal policies and grading systems.
  3. The Student Enrollment Package/Policies Receipt must be signed by the prospective student.
  4. The prospective student then reviews and signs the Enrollment Agreement.
  5. If the applicant has been recruited in another language, or interviewed in another language, the student receives a copy of the enrollment agreement and catalog in that other language.
  6. The School Representative approves the Enrollment Agreement and a copy of all signed documents is provided to the prospective student. 

11. The student, as well as the vocational counselor or case manager, are informed of class schedules, refund and cancellation policies, start and completion dates, and requirements needed in order to obtain the Certificate of Completion.

  1. Third party students, their respective insurance companies will be notified and a confirmation of payment will be done prior the client starts the training program.

Experiential Credit 

  1. This institution does not award credits for previous and comparable examinations.
  2. INTECH College has not entered into an articulation or transfer agreement with any other institution. Therefore this institution does not accept and credit transfer units.
  3. This institution does not award credit for experimental learning